A 41-year-old Kenyan woman shocked her community this week when she put aside her 20-year marriage to marry the Holy Spirit.

Elizabeth Nalema, a mother of six, was bound in matrimony with the Holy Spirit last week by a pastor in the town of Makutano. The decorative ceremony, which was attended by the woman’s colleagues and husband, was held at a local hotel, according to Face 2 Face Africa.

The newlywed said she was directed by the divine to find a more personal way to dedicate herself to her faith.

“I have served the world for all my years, but now the Holy Spirit has directed me to serve the almighty God. The Holy Spirit drove me to Pastor [Albert] Rumaita, who bought the wedding dress, organised this ceremony and even hired cars to escort me here,” the woman said at the ceremony.

According to African news station KBC Channel 1, the peculiar event attracted a gathering of people who came out in droves despite COVID-19 precautions.

Her husband, Joshua Nalema, said after Tuesday’s ceremony that he tried multiple times to talk his wife out of her decision but she didn’t relent.

“I am perturbed. I paid 22 cows and 15 goats for my wife and right now she is having a wedding with the Holy Spirit. This is unbelievable,” he said.

Joshua revealed that their relationship took a rocky turn when his wife recently picked up a new prayer routine.

“She went to church one day, and when she returned, she started waking up at 3 am to go and pray. I asked her why she was braving the chilly weather just to pray, but instead, she decided to move out to a neighboring homestead,” the man said.

Despite her husband’s resistance, Elizabeth said she hopes he understands that she is dedicating her life to the church and has done away with serving worldly endeavors.

Following the ceremony, she announced that she had closed her business and was about to depart for a honeymoon in Uganda, which doubles up as a crusade, Face 2 Face reports.

“God has shown me signs to travel to the United States when am done with Uganda. He told me to travel the world but I told him I won’t be able and requested him to recruit other members to help me in spreading the gospel,” she said.

Originally, Elizabeth wanted to hold the ceremony in her church, but church officials denied her request.

“Because I am her neighbor, she came to me and explained herself, which is why I took the bold step and did what she requested me to do,” Pastor Rumaita, who officiated and funded the wedding, said. “I made the decision to preside over, plan and fund the wedding because the world might just be coming to an end and because I’m her neighbor.”