Bigger creator Felischa Marye and lead actor Tanisha Long sat down with Shadow And Act to discuss the second episode of the BET+ streaming series.

In the scene discussed, Long’s character Layne is cheating on her fiance Greg (Warren Burke) with Reggie (Terrence Terrell), who is texting her obscene pictures of a particular body part. However, the pictures that the audience sees on-screen weren’t actually in front of Long.

“The director had me making these [ridiculous] faces not knowing what was going to be put in,” she said.

Marye also explained why Layne is always surrounded by animated birds when she gets Reggie’s salacious texts.

“We basically associate it with Reggie and a certain member. So basically…things involving Reggie and his member, then we see [the animation], because Layne is dreamy and sort of innocent-ish. And so it’s representing that,” said Marye. “So when you see birds, she’s looking at the D basically.”

Marye also talked about the Fleabag connection to Bigger.

“Yeah, the breaking of the fourth wall was really heavily influenced by Fleabag, honestly. When the showrunner Devon Shepard..and I were talking about shows we love and we talked about Fleabag, and then we talked about how we don’t see a lot of creative elements in a lot of Black shows,” she said. “So we thought let’s have fun…and still have it grounded, but when it’s a show that’s partially about a penis…it’s kind of interesting to juxtapose this animation and this breaking the fourth wall and the cuteness of Lanye with that edge, which is an interesting mixture to me and just different to exist in one show.”

Watch the full video below.


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