"Yemoja: Rise of the Orisha"
“Yemoja: Rise of the Orisha”

“Yemoja: Rise of the Orisha” is an original six- episode series set within the African superhero cinematic universe of “Rise of the Orisha” and is now available online via video on demand on the film’s website. A trailer for is also now available and embedded below.

This story is part of the shared fictional universe made up of a pantheon of African deities known as Orishas, which was established in the highly successful and widely viewed (over 500k) short “Oya Rise of the Orisha.” This new chapter focuses on the Orisha of the ocean, “the mother whose children are fish,” Yemoja!

“Yemoja: Rise of the Orisha” is created by Nosa Igbinedion and follows a neurotic junior doctor called Amina, who has her life thrown into turmoil when a politicians son dies under her supervision. Things get complicated when the water goddess Yemoja possesses Amina. Now haunted by mystical visions, Amina must find a way to clear her name and save her sanity before its too late.

Quote from “Yemoja: Rise of the Orisha” creator Nosa Igbinedion: “Yemoja and the Orisha in general are followed by millions around the world, so it was important for me to be authentic to this African culture. But also I think we have managed to create a really surreal and unique take on the superhero genre while building out the first African superhero cinematic universe. It hasn’t been done but that’s why its so exciting and so necessary.”

“Yemoja: Rise of the Orisha” features the fresh new talent of Symara Templeman in the lead role alongside Derek Oppong (“Venus vs. Mars”) and prolific Nigerian actress Yvonne Hays. The web series will be followed by a feature length film “Rise of the Orishas” which will star Esosa E from “An African city’ and is executive produced by Tim Reid. In addition, a comic book series is currently being designed and will be released soon.

Nosa Igbinedion won the prestigious 2015 Screen Nation award for Rising Talent as the writer/director of “Oya Rise of the Orisha” and his work has screened in festivals around the world as well as being broadcast on mainstream TV channels in UK, US, Canadian and African TV, and amassing huge viewing figures online.

The series premiered yesterday, July 31st at www.riseoftheorisha.com. Watch the trailer below and follow the link to purchase.