Finally! A daytime talk show that features an ensemble of hosts discussing an array of topics.

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There is The View, The Real, The Chew, The Talk and now FABLife. Do we really need another panel talk show?

The short answer is yes.

FABLife is a little bit different than the rest. This is the Emmy-award-winning supermodel/business mogul Tyra Banks’ return to daytime television. She said she would only return if she had a great team with her and that is exactly what she has. Her co-hosts include foodie Chrissy Teigen, fashion expert Joe Zee, interior designer Lauren Makk and DIY enthusiast Leah Ashley. Each of the stylists has their own niche and are experts in their fields. With professionals in beauty, fashion, home decor, food and DIY industries, how can your life not be more fabulous?

The show premiered on September 14 on ABC at 2 p.m. (EST), but check your local listings.

Need some more convincing? Look at the clips below.

Remember the amazing prom dress designed by this dynamic young woman, Kyehma McEntyre? She also designed a dress for Tyra!


Here’s an intro to Tyra’s co-hosts, or “stylists” as they’re called.


Are you making pasta wrong? Find out below.

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